Enjoy a Fresh Cup at These Coffee Shops near Centreville

Woman drinking a cup of coffee with her friend at one of the best coffee shops near Centreville.

Our neighborhood coffee shops mean more to us than a daily jolt of caffeine. Coffee house culture has spread throughout our communities as independent roasters have found innovative ways of sharing their passion for coffee. The next time you’re looking for a unique, local coffee experience, check out one of these independent coffee shops near our apartments in Centreville, VA.

Caffe Amouri

Opened in 2010, Caffe Amouri has a clear mission to provide quality coffee sustainably while serving the local community. Receiving accolades for its green business practices, the coffeehouse also has a long history of supporting great local causes. They serve fresh, in-house roasted specialty coffees, promising to be the best cup you’ve ever tasted, whether you prefer French press, espresso, or beans to brew at home. 


Founded by three passionate and experienced baristas, Cafein offers a vibrant city coffee scene in a more relaxed setting. Their dedicated staff of highly trained baristas is happy to serve up your favorite brew or walk you through new coffee experiences as you explore ways to expand your coffee palette. Their friendly presentation and memorable service will appeal to recent coffee converts, ardent coffee lovers, and everyone in between. 

Weird Brothers Coffee

True to its name, Weird Brother Coffee is the brainchild of real-life brothers and coffee enthusiasts, Paul and Kenny Olsen. After extensive international travels, the brothers wanted to bring their knowledge and passion for world coffees back home. Still family-owned and operated, the business started as a mobile coffee bar. Its overwhelming success enabled them to become the small-batch roasters they are today. Each delicious batch is crafted and served with care. 

Take along your favorite brew from these best coffee shops near Centreville the next time you plan to visit the Reston Farmer’s Market, another venue for great local goods. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, contact us. We’ll schedule a tour and show you what our Centreville apartments are all about!

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