Brush Up With Free Online Classes From UVA

A close-up shot of someone using their laptop for free online classes from UVA.

Spend your time at home productively with online courses offered by a local institution. The University of Virginia made certain courses available through Coursera, a free online learning platform. Here are three unique, interesting, and free online classes from UVA that you can register for today. Settle in and get learning from the comfort of our Centreville apartments.

Sustainability through Soccer: Systems-Thinking in Action

In this course, you learn about sustainability through the lens of soccer. You’ll also learn about the interdependencies between climate change, human rights, and other aspects of society. These links then show how sustainability sits at the core of many global problems and solutions. This beginner-level course is free and takes approximately nine hours to complete. By the end, you’ll understand much more about the systems that structure our world.

Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction

This is a fun and free beginner-level course that takes approximately 15 hours to complete. You’ll get a unique and exciting introduction to the world of historical fiction and how it’s written. It’s perfect for aspiring authors, lovers of historical fiction, or just curious students. You’ll get to read classics of the genre as well as works by bestselling authors. You’ll also interact with other interested readers around the world.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals

Learn how to manage the basic financial systems of small businesses over 13 hours in this beginner-level course. You’ll learn how to use journal entries to record transactions, read balance sheets, make income statements, and draw basic conclusions about the financial health of a company. This course is perfect for anyone interested in finance or who has a small business and would like to learn how to run it better.

With these free online classes from UVA, you can make the most of your time at home. If you’re looking for more virtual activities, consider exploring the Smithsonian Zoo through virtual webcams. For more information on our luxury apartments in Centreville, VA or to schedule a tour, contact us today.

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