Check Out Adult Leagues With FXA Sports Near Centreville

Couples playing pickleball during an adult sports league in FXA Sports near Centreville.

If you enjoy playing sports and meeting new friends, FXA Sports located near Centreville can help. It offers fun adult leagues, and you can play everything from pickleball to flag football. Here are some of the leagues you can join near our apartments in Centreville, VA:

Co-ed Kickball

FXA Kickball is Northern Virginia’s largest co-ed kickball league. It averages more than 100 teams, and players can take to the field during the spring, summer, as well as fall months. Teams play eight regular-season games. In addition, the top teams reach the playoffs and may earn league champion shirts and a trophy. Music also plays during the games, and an experienced league referee ensures everyone follows the rules.

Men’s Lacrosse 

FXA Lacrosse offers men’s leagues for every season. The games take place on turf fields, and teams play eight regular-season games with the hopes of reaching the playoffs. What’s more, you can register as an individual, a small group, as well as a full team.


One of the newest leagues, FXA Pickleball allows players to compete weekly in singles and doubles. The games are also held over six weeks at Centreville’s Chalet Woods Park. All skill levels can join in the fun and depending on your experience, you can join the social, casual, as well as competitive divisions. Pickleball originated in Washington in 1965. It’s fun to play and combines elements from tennis, badminton, as well as ping-pong. 

After some game-time action from FXA Sports near Centreville, stop by a nearby Irish restaurant. You’re sure to enjoy a delicious meal and may even hear a live band or two. To become a resident of The Elms at Centreville, please contact our leasing team. They’d love to show you our Fairfax County apartments firsthand.

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