Three Tailors Around Centreville that Can Keep You Looking Stylish

Male customer having his measurements taken for a clothing repair by one of tailors around Centreville.

Whether you need a leather jacket repaired or you want to turn an old shirt into something new, local tailors can help. They offer a variety of services, so you’re always in style. Our favorite tailors near our apartments in Centreville, VA include: J Alterations  At J Alterations, the motto is “any dress, any suit, […]

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Enjoy the Best Soft Pretzels Around Centreville

Soft pretzels on a wooden board served with a bowl of cheese dip - best soft pretzels around Centreville.

If you enjoy starting your meal out with an appetizer, don’t miss sampling the soft pretzels at several local restaurants. They’re usually served with mustard or cheese and pair well with your favorite pint of beer. The best places for soft pretzels near our apartments in Centreville, VA include: Carpool  Meet your friends for gaming […]

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Where to Find the Best PoBoys Near Centreville

PoBoys near Centreville - different varieties of shrimp PoBoys on a table.

PoBoys originated in 1920s New Orleans when the streetcar workers went on strike. Two brothers created these tasty sandwiches for the unemployed drivers, and today, they’re served at restaurants across the country. The eateries serving PoBoys near our apartments in Centreville, VA include: Backyard Grill  Locally owned, the Backyard Grill is where owners Robbie and […]

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Enjoy a Fresh Cup at These Coffee Shops near Centreville

Woman drinking a cup of coffee with her friend at one of the best coffee shops near Centreville.

Our neighborhood coffee shops mean more to us than a daily jolt of caffeine. Coffee house culture has spread throughout our communities as independent roasters have found innovative ways of sharing their passion for coffee. The next time you’re looking for a unique, local coffee experience, check out one of these independent coffee shops near our […]

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