Virtually Explore the Smithsonian Gardens

A view of the landscaped grounds at the Smithsonian Gardens

About 30 minutes from The Elms at Centreville is a destination meant to engage, inform, and inspire. It’s called the Smithsonian Gardens, and this picturesque attraction is always in bloom. Often called the Smithsonian Institution’s “museum without walls,” it welcomes millions of visitors every year. But today, you can explore from home. Here is some of what you can discover from our Centreville apartments:

Flight Garden

Designed to attract birds and pollinators, the Flight Garden highlights how nature inspired the invention of flight. During the tour, you will see an array of colorful flowers such as butterfly weed and windflowers. You’ll also learn about young queen bumblebees and more.

Magnolia Madness

Magnificent when in full bloom, the Magnolia Collection covers more than 40 acres. During the tour, you’ll spot the star magnolia. It’s a Japanese species with long, strappy tepals that bloom in early spring. While widely cultivated, the star magnolia is endangered in its native range.

Smithsonian Gardens Greenhouse Facility

The Smithsonian Gardens Greenhouse Facility features 14 greenhouses totaling 64,000 square feet. In the production houses, the gardens’ production team cultivates common plant varieties as well as those that are rare or unusual. Every year, the team produces over 60,000 annual and perennial bedding plants.

Let’s Talk Gardens

A series of free webinars, Let’s Talk Gardens covers a range of gardening basics. The gardens’ horticulturists discuss topics like beer in the garden and how to help communities gain access to green spaces. New episodes air on Thursdays, from noon to 1:00 p.m. You can also listen to past shows at your leisure.

The Smithsonian Gardens is just one of the attractions near our apartments in Centreville, VA. You can also tour the National Museum of the American Indian and more. To become a resident of The Elms at Centreville, contact us. We’d love for you to see firsthand all that our Fairfax County apartments have to offer.

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