Virtually Tour the Museum of American History

the front entrance of the National Museum of American History

About 30 minutes from The Elms at Centreville, the National Museum of American History allows visitors to learn about our country’s past. Home to nearly two million artifacts and over three miles of archival collections, the museum also offers virtual tours. Continue reading for a preview of what you can discover from our Fairfax County apartments: Abraham Lincoln: An […]

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Brush Up With Free Online Classes From UVA

A close-up shot of someone using their laptop for free online classes from UVA.

Spend your time at home productively with online courses offered by a local institution. The University of Virginia made certain courses available through Coursera, a free online learning platform. Here are three unique, interesting, and free online classes from UVA that you can register for today. Settle in and get learning from the comfort of our Centreville apartments. […]

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Get Cooking With These Pantry Challenge Recipes

woman cooking in her kitchen looking at ipad

Many of us have forgotten foods and spices in our refrigerators, freezers, and pantries. You probably have the perfect ingredients to make some delicious dishes or entire meals without leaving our Centreville apartments. So take on the pantry challenge and try these recipes! About the Pantry Challenge The pantry challenge is an opportunity to clear out […]

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3 Ways to Unwind After Work

After a productive day of working from home in our Centreville apartments, it’s tempting to go straight to bed and turn on Netflix. However, there are some things you can do to unwind and truly enjoy your downtime. Instead of spending countless hours watching TV or scrolling through social media, take some personal time after […]

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